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The Domino Effect: How Alabama’s Personhood Ruling May Influence Kansas Legislation

By Kayla L. Stavinoha, Associate Attorney Alabama’s Personhood Ruling and What it Means 1 in 6 individuals worldwide experience infertility. 33% of Americans have turned to fertility treatments or know someone who has in order to build their family. In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is the process of creating an embryo outside of the womb […]

Living Expenses and Adoption

By Megan S. Monsour, Family Building Attorney In most states, an expectant mother can receive some form of financial assistance during her pregnancy as a part of her adoption plan.  Meaning, once an expectant mother has identified an adoptive family and made an adoption plan, the prospective adoptive family can legally pay for her needs during […]

Choosing an Adoptive Family: The Important Choice of an Expectant Mother

By Megan S. Monsour, Family Building Attorney An expectant mother should have every option available in determining the right choice for her future. If an expectant mother chooses adoption for her child, choosing the adoptive family will be one of the first and most important choices she will make during the adoption journey. It is entirely […]

Medical Costs and Adoption

By Megan S. Monsour, Family Building Attorney Medical costs are just one of the many concerns for a person facing an unplanned pregnancy. Prenatal care is vital for a healthy pregnancy, but without medical insurance care is expensive and can even be hard to access without verification of insurance. For those who want to consider adoption, […]

Fostering Belonging: LGBTQ+ Youth in Foster Care

By Megan S. Monsour, Family Building Attorney – Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs places love and belonging third, after only our physical and safety needs. It is no wonder then that Brene Brown says, “In the absence of love and belonging, there is always suffering.” Suffering. Suffering is the perfect word for the experiences that […]

“Are You Trying for a Girl?” Gender Specificity & Adoption

By Megan Monsour – I’m sure many of us with multiple children of the same gender have been asked by a friend, family or stranger in the grocery store whether we will, “Try for a girl.” Our society seems to have a general opinion that families should have both genders, despite the fact that it […]

I Believe in Adoption: A Reflection for National Adoption Month

By Megan Monsour – I believe in adoption. I believe in the blessings that come from adoption. I believe adoption should be celebrated. However, I have come to know the complexities of adoption. I also know that my own beliefs about adoption contain holes and misconceptions and biases. I know I don’t have all the […]