Child in Need of Care/Foster Care Litigation

Foster parents have the incredibly important and difficult job of stepping in to care for a child when the child is removed from their home by the Department of Children and Families. In addition to loving the child as their own, during what is a traumatic time for a child, foster parents are also asked to complete additional responsibilities due to the child’s involvement in the legal system.

Megan Monsour and team can help foster parents’ navigate the complex legal process that occurs when a child is a Child in Need of Care. While it may not always be necessary or appropriate for a foster family to participate in the legal proceedings, having someone who can help ensure understanding of the process and steps of the journey gives peace of mind and respect to their role as they care for the child.

It can also be necessary for a foster family to take more aggressive steps to ensure a child’s case is following the best interests of the child. Megan has extensive experience litigating Child in Need of Care proceedings on behalf of foster families.

Whether a family is at the exciting stage of adopting a foster child or needs more detailed counsel throughout the proceedings, Megan and team provides experienced and sensitive counsel for these extremely important matters.

The Need for Foster Parents