Becoming a parent through surrogacy or collaborative reproduction is an emotional and personal journey. We understand that the journey before surrogacy has likely been a long and rocky road for intended parents. The Hinkle surrogacy team works to ensure their clients understand the road to legal parentage by walking them through the process, both practically and legally with sensitivity and care.

It is vital to make sure that all legal protections are in place and expectations are clear, so that Intended Parents and Surrogate (or Gestational Carrier) may enjoy the surrogacy process and reach the goal of a happy healthy baby at the end of the journey.

Surrogacy is a complex process that involves consequential choices for both the Intended Parents and Carrier. The parties and professionals involved must use extreme care and thoughtfulness as the process involves both physical health and safety and also the hopes and dreams of those involved.

Megan Monsour believes strongly in an ethical practice that requires both parties to have strong legal representation. Megan has experience representing both the Intended Parents and Surrogate and therefore, understands the concerns and needs from both perspectives. This experience makes her extremely qualified to negotiate the details of a surrogacy agreement that will define much of the process.

Megan is barred in both Kansas and Missouri and understands the judicial process to obtain the necessary parentage orders to ensure parental rights for intended parents. Megan and her team understands the surrogacy process from start to finish and walks clients through obtaining the birth certificate as well as navigating the hospital experience.

Surrogacy is an intimate experience that requires sensitivity, compassion, and knowledge of the law. The Hinkle team integrates these skills with their passion for ensuring that all families are able to have the family of their dreams.