Contested Adoption

While adoption can be a joyous event to be celebrated, in some cases the adoption may proceed despite one of the biological parents’ objection to the adoption. A contested adoption is a different situation for all involved.

A contested adoption usually occurs when the biological father decides he would like to parent the child. Our attorneys are well versed in navigating the complexities and legal issues that may arise in contested adoption matters. Although a contested adoption is a very stressful time, we provide aggressive representation to protect the biological mother’s wishes to ensure the adoption may be finalized.

Ideally a contested adoption is resolved by an Ops Adoption Agreement that ensures the biological parent will have contact with the child and the adoptive family. If an agreement cannot be reached the court will weigh evidence to determine if the biological parents’ parent rights should be terminated.

Our adoption team has experience navigating and litigating these sensitive and very important matters.

A more passionate advocate you will not find. Megan and her team are committed to easing the stress of these proceedings by ensuring their clients are fully informed throughout the process.