Expectant Mothers

expectant mother
Overwhelmed? Confused?
Not sure where to start or what your options are?

To learn more about your rights , click here to watch our video.

Megan also provides some helpful information for expectant mothers considering adoption.

Expectant mothers have rights and options. They can place their child with an agency or pursue an independent adoption, allowing them to choose the adoptive parents. They may choose an open adoption or a closed one.

Megan can assist with a wide range of adoption-related issues, including:

• Finding Adoptive Families
• Educating about the Process
• Explaining your rights before and after the adoption
• Living Expenses – Kansas law allows an expectant mother with an adoption plan to receive financial assistance during her pregnancy

With compassion and understanding, Megan Monsour helps expectant mothers make informed decisions that are right for them.

As your attorney, she will be with you throughout your case. By choosing adoption, you are able to place your child in a home where he or she will receive abundant love and attention. Megan is dedicated to doing all she can to help expectant mothers through this difficult time.