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adopting familiesWe know that no two adoptions are the same, and no two adopting families have the same set of needs.
Megan takes an individualized approach to providing legal advice and adoption services based on your family’s unique circumstances.

Congratulations on your decision to adopt! We understand that no two adoptions are the same, and no two adopting families have the same set of needs. Adding your name to our adopting families’ pool and paying our non-refundable fee does not guarantee you will be matched with an expectant mother. We are not an adoption agency. Our focus is not adoption advertising, and we do not spend large amounts of money seeking expectant mothers like adoption agencies and some adoption advertisers. We will, however, show your profile to expectant mothers when such opportunities arise. We are referred expectant mothers looking for adoptive families through other mothers who have placed children through our office previously, adoption agencies, advertisers, hospital social workers, and other adoption professionals.

We also do not guarantee the outcome of any match or adoption. We will work to provide you the information we have available and will discuss with you the risks associated with a match. Ultimately, you will decide to proceed with a match. Every match has risks, whether it is financial or emotional. We strive to assess potential matches and provide advice at the outset and throughout the term of the expectant mother’s pregnancy.

Please be aware that adding your name to our adopting families pool does require a payment of $1,500. This fee covers our time spent showing your profile, answering questions until the match is made, and is not contingent upon you being matched with an expectant mother. This fee is non-refundable. To pay this fee, please contact Katie Atwood at 316-267-2000 to coordinate.

A completed home study is not required prior to joining our adoptive family pool, but does need to be completed prior to finalizing your adoption. In order to ensure there is no delay if you are matched quickly, we encourage you to begin your home study as soon as you are ready to adopt. 

You should understand that the more situations you are open to considering, the more likely you will be chosen by an expectant mother. That said, you must determine what situations you are comfortable with for your adoption. Race of the child, drug use, alcohol exposure, and contact with the biological parents are issues that can impact your child’s life and you need to be prepared and educated to handle these issues. We recommend speaking to your home study provider about these issues in depth. We also recommend you speak to other adoptive families with experience and do your own research and reading regarding adoption. Adoption can be beautiful, but it is also hard and complicated.

We understand that adoption can be a major financial commitment. If you are interested we can connect you with an adoption finance coach to help you find resources to make adoption more affordable for your family. This includes a federal tax credit, grants, loans, employer assistance programs, and creative fundraising options. We don’t want the costs associated with adoption to create a barrier for your family.

If you’re ready to get started, please complete our questionnaire
Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you can create your own personalized adoption profile by Joanna Ivey at Our Chose Child LLC.

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Once you have finalized your adoption, it will take about 6-12 weeks to receive a letter from our office explaining how to obtain the amended birth certificate. Once you have sent your proof certificate and payment to Kansas Vital Statistics, and you receive the amended certificate back, you will take it and your certified Decree to your local Social Security office to obtain the SSN.